About the Time Machine

This is a blog run by two (self-declared) witty and charming ladies with an interest in all things outdated and obscure. Under the names A and C for the moment (while obnoxious, our current circumstances demand anonymity), we will post every day that begins with a T or an S. To clarify, I’ll give you a little schedule:

  • Monday: No scheduled updates.
  • Tuesday: C’s Post.
  • Wednesday: No scheduled updates.
  • Thursday: A’s Post.
  • Friday: No scheduled updates.
  • Saturday: C’s Post.
  • Sunday: A’s Post.

Now that you know when to expect us, perhaps we should make it clear exactly what you should expect from us. We’re really a mixed bag, so there will be something completely different every day we update, though I (A) am very fond of recipes, whether they be knitting or cooking, and will most likely include one in my post. C is much more interested in oddities! Ranging from the bizarre and comical to the serious and melancholy, this blog encompasses the entirety of living as a “retrovert.”

One day it’s photographs from the World Wars in Moscow, the next, it’s a period film, an Orwell essay, a Walt Whitman poem, a croched hotpad or an article from The Times in 1870. If you want something quirky and unpredictable, follow us and you won’t regret it!

Update: Due to recent events, posting may be sporadic and not exactly follow our schedule. We apologise for any inconvience and hope to get back to our regular posting schedule as soon as possiable! Thank you for hanging in there with us!

9 thoughts on “About the Time Machine

  1. A friend of mine showed me this blog a few weeks ago, and I have to say I’ve been captured by the fluent writing and fun subjects! I look forward to reading more of your posts, A and C.
    To C: I am delighted to see that you have a fetish for squirrel taxidermy! I had never seen some myself, and I couldn’t help wonder how one should find squirrels? Isn’t it illegal in most countries to hunt them?
    To A: Thank you for your recipes! I greatly enjoy trying them (even without success sometimes). As someone who loves to travel and who has never been to Scotland before, I am greatly interested in your recent trip. Are there any places you would recommend going to? Good places to eat (you seem to be the professional)?

    • I know I can speak for C in saying that we’re absolutely flattered! I’ll let her answer your direct question, but I can certainly answer your questions! First of all, do understand that it isn’t all haggis and whiskey, though, especially in the touristy areas, there is certainly enough of that to fill your plenty if you want to try. I wholeheartedly suggest Edinburgh to any traveller, experienced or starting new, firstly because it is a grand and unique European city that is both fascinating and compelling, and secondly, because transport is so damn easy. The bus system is clean (a bit pricey, but not overwhelming if you’re not getting an annual pass) and can take you everywhere from Glasgow to Rosslyn Chapel. If you want to step out of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, I suggest you invest in Rick Steve’s Great Britain (I believe he has a Scotland as well online) book, which tells you about bed and breakfasts, good pubs, important sites, and other necessary venues for any traveller in that splendid northern country.

      On the matter of eating in Edinburgh, I can tell you, you would have no issue trying to find stomacheable food. Cafes are easy to come by, a few of my favourites being Southern Cross in Old Town (Cockburn Street), which has a marvellous cappucino, and Caffe Lucia (George IV Bridge), whose paninis and soups are delicious. Caffe Lucia also has a great view of Elephant House (the place where Rowling wrote Harry Potter), and it’s good fun to sit and watch cold, weary travellers try and wait for a table so they can say they were there. I suggest you get a light lunch at Caffe Lucia, tour the nearby sites walk down to Grassmarket only 2 minutes away for dinner where you can find a plethora of selection, then backtrack to Sandy Bells’. This is a magnificient, quaint, traditional pub with all locals and a great little band who plays in the corner. I talked to the fiddler, a hilarious old man who had been playing there for 40 years (thick brogue), and compared humanity to yeast. Good company. Another good pub is the Royal Oak, a little chip in the wall that also has a wonderful guitarist. But if you go the Sandy Bells’, then it’s a quick walk back up George IV Bridge to nip into Elephant House when they’re doing dinner service. You can go up and ask for a slice of cinnamon cake (with rum butter icing!) and they’ll let you have it, no lines! Feel smug.

      Hope that answers your questions and impels you to go to Edinburgh right away!


    • Aww thank you so much!!! And I find it hilarious that you’ve picked up on my love of squirrel taxidery (I try not to scare everyone by mentioning it too frequently…). I have found some of the most amazing squirrel taxidermy on Etsy (a crafting website if you are not familiar) and am also aware that many curiosity shops carry it. I know that in the US squirrel hunting is legal in designated seasons, but it has just been brought to my attention that it is infact illegal in some countries! I cannot thank you enough for reading our posts! Hopefully you will continue to enjoy them!!! =D

      • Thank you two for your swift reply!
        A: Thank you for all your wonderful tips on Edinburgh! I’m trying to plan a trip this summer, and it’s always nice to have some sweet spots where one knows he’ll have a nice time.
        C: I see. And yes, I know Etsy (they do have great things, but I’ve never looked into the lines of taxidermy. It must be awfully hard to ship!). Just a tip though: don’t show this to any Canadians :P I believe you are allowed to have pet squirrels in some states!

        Good luck to both of you anonymous young ladies!

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