Happy May Day!!!

Happy May Day! Today, the first of May, is celebrated throughout the world, but nowhere as famously as Oxford. Here, at 6am sharp, the Magdalen College Choir sings the Hymnus Eucharisasticus from the top of Magdalen Tower.

University students and residents gather below to listen after night of dances and gatherings. Morris Dancers travel around town and help to ring in the celebration.

One of the newer traditions is not quite as peaceful as the choir singing, however. Withing the past 20 years (since puntin boats stopped being let out on May 1st morning), people have started to jump off of Magdalen Bridge and into the water below.

Doing this during this time of the year is especially dangerous due to the dry conditions of the months before. The water can be extremely shallow and it is never know what is in it. Serious injuries have resulted in previous years, but the bridge has been closed off for the past several years.

The celebration is truly on of excitement and celebration. Unfortuntely I couldn’t be there this year, but will hopefully make it next year! Happy May Day Everyone!!!