Quirky Victorian Etiquette

First off, my technological problems are solved!! Yippie! Not having a computer for a few days really made me realize how dependant I am on it (even though I like to think I scarcely use it). As always, this thought led me back to thinking about the “olden days” before computers and cell-phones, which led me to thinking once more about one of my favorite topics – Victorian Etiquette (yay for trains of thought!).

Victorian Etiquette has become a modern fixation through movies and books. We are quite familiar with it, but there are also many quirky rules that have captured my attention. Today I’m going to share some of those with you. (Some of these are from the Edwardian Era too…)

Do not beat “the devil’s tattoo” by drumming with your fingers on a table; it cannot fail to annoy everyone within hearing, and it is an index of a vacant mind. (Hill)

As the [married] couple pass out of the front door it is customary for the guests to throw after them, for luck, rice, rose leaves, flowers, old shows, ect. (Green)

A bride does not usually dance at her own wedding, but she may join in a square dance I she chooses (Hall)

It is evident, therefore, that although a man may be ugly, there is no necessity for his being shocking. (Gentlemen)

If you have any defect, so shocking and so ridiculous as to procure you a nickname, then indeed there is but one remedy – to renounce society. (Gentlemen)

No lady worthy any gentleman’s regard will say “no” twice to a suit which she intends ultimately to receive with favor. (Young)

It lies with drivers to keep clear of pedestrians. All persons have a right to walk on the highways at their own pace. Dogs, chickens, and other domestic animals at large on the highway are not pedestrians, and if one is driving at a regulation speed, or under, one is not responsible for their untimely end. (Levitt)

Be careful not to be over-nice, or you will impress people with the idea that your life began in vulgarity, and you are now trying so hard to get away from it, that you rush to the opposite extreme. (Gentleman 2)

Some people prefer children to dogs, principally because a license is not required for the former (Graham)

The skin should be cut off [a banana] with a knife, peeling from the top down, while holding in the hand. Small pieces should be cut or broken off, and taken in the fingers, or they may be cut up and eaten with a fork. (Green)



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For The Love of Dapper Gentlemen!

There are few things better in life than a well dressed man. A and I have had numerous conversations online where all we do is send pictures of men in Burberry suits back and forth…

I am not lying to you when I say that I will stop dead in my tracks and admire a man’s properly fitted pants. One particular man that stands out to me is an old high school teacher. He was by no means attractive, but every day I would pause for a moment and point out to all of my friends (girls and boys) how fabulous his pants were. Not too baggy in the rear nor too tight. Tapered down the calf and expertly hemmed. And every day their reaction would be the same…they would tell me how creepy I was.

Nothing, though, prepared me for the overwhelming joy that bespoke suits would bring to me. These suits are as custom as a suit can be. Every pattern is made to the customer’s specific measurements and numerous fittings follow until the suit fits every inch perfectly.

For my birthday this year, I’m hopefully going to get a custom made suit. Hopefully I can keep from falling over when I see the expert tailoring in everyone’s suits there. To conclude, I will share with you some pictures of (in my opinion) today’s top three best dressed men (in no order).

Mr. Scott Disick:

Although Mr. Disick is often looked down upon, I have been numbed to him by his grand style. No one else can look so preppy and yet classic at the same time. The confidence that he carries himself with only add to the perfect fit of his clothing.

Scott Disick | Suits

Mr. Ryan Matthew Cohn:

I have mentioned Mr. Cohn’s wonderful suits briefly before, but now is a wonderful time to showcase his tremendous style. After a bit of research, I discovered that he is co-owner of New York’s Against Nature (a bespoke suit shop), and by odd coincidence, where I was planning on getting my suit made. He designs the jewelry and leatherwork for the shop.

Mr. Donald Trump Jr.:

I do not watch “The Apprentice” for the show itself, but rather, just to see Mr. Trump’s clothing. He is so elegant and had the clothing to match!

Donald Trump Jr. with wife Vanessa


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