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So many of you have been following us through our exploration of art, cooking, theatre, crafts, oddities, and all sorts of interesting things. Since I know that quite a few of our followers appreciate art, I’d like to show you some of my own today! These are all pieces of various sizes and mediums that I have done over the past two years. I’ll upload a few and give a brief description of the piece, as well as any interesting things I can remember about making them.Image

This piece is a depiction of a picture frame wrapped in white paper and tied with white string. It’s about 24×18″ and completely mixed media. As it was an exam, I had 4 hours to do this piece. Some of my materials include black pastel, charcoal powder, conte, pencil, ink wash, and coloured pencil. Clearly, I deeply exaggerated the forms to make the painting as dramatic as possible, rather than the subtle, understated forms that my peers attempted. I’m particularly fond of the deep gouges in the lower left quadrant. It seems almost violent.

This next piece, more abstract in nature, was made with soft pastels and ink. It is approx. 30×24″ in measurement, and took me about 8 hours. I’m fond of the ghost shapes of ink drippings and splatterings behind the pastels, along with the various ghostly shapes that occur, such as the semicircle in the upper right hand quadrant.

This was one of my first explorations of abstract art. To come to this piece, I did over 200 smaller pieces with less detail, which are now stacked up in my studio. Such a mess!

I adore abstract art, despite having a background in more classical oil painting. The sheer emotion, unadulterated by simple realistic depiction. However, I’d like to introduce you to a few of my more classically influenced places.

These pieces are relatively small, about 6×12″, and made of watercolour, coloured pencil, pencil, and salt. Starting with calligraphic marks, I then began to combine the calligraphic marks with the mollusks. Yay, mollusks!

This piece is particularly large, about 18×12″ and made of pencil and pen. I did a whole series of human-animal composite images on dense patterns, and while this was one of my earliest, it is also one of my favourites. The awkward, unorthodox combination of the classical figure drawing, surreal dense pattern, and what I like to consider to be relatively realistic animal heads always gets me interesting reactions!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my artwork rather than seeing someone you already know! Cheers.



For The Love of Dapper Gentlemen!

There are few things better in life than a well dressed man. A and I have had numerous conversations online where all we do is send pictures of men in Burberry suits back and forth…

I am not lying to you when I say that I will stop dead in my tracks and admire a man’s properly fitted pants. One particular man that stands out to me is an old high school teacher. He was by no means attractive, but every day I would pause for a moment and point out to all of my friends (girls and boys) how fabulous his pants were. Not too baggy in the rear nor too tight. Tapered down the calf and expertly hemmed. And every day their reaction would be the same…they would tell me how creepy I was.

Nothing, though, prepared me for the overwhelming joy that bespoke suits would bring to me. These suits are as custom as a suit can be. Every pattern is made to the customer’s specific measurements and numerous fittings follow until the suit fits every inch perfectly.

For my birthday this year, I’m hopefully going to get a custom made suit. Hopefully I can keep from falling over when I see the expert tailoring in everyone’s suits there. To conclude, I will share with you some pictures of (in my opinion) today’s top three best dressed men (in no order).

Mr. Scott Disick:

Although Mr. Disick is often looked down upon, I have been numbed to him by his grand style. No one else can look so preppy and yet classic at the same time. The confidence that he carries himself with only add to the perfect fit of his clothing.

Scott Disick | Suits

Mr. Ryan Matthew Cohn:

I have mentioned Mr. Cohn’s wonderful suits briefly before, but now is a wonderful time to showcase his tremendous style. After a bit of research, I discovered that he is co-owner of New York’s Against Nature (a bespoke suit shop), and by odd coincidence, where I was planning on getting my suit made. He designs the jewelry and leatherwork for the shop.

Mr. Donald Trump Jr.:

I do not watch “The Apprentice” for the show itself, but rather, just to see Mr. Trump’s clothing. He is so elegant and had the clothing to match!

Donald Trump Jr. with wife Vanessa


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